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Do you find yourself dreaming of, journaling about living a life of true creativity, connection and abundance, and being that and beacon of light leading the way for others, or of that parallel life you know you could be living, but find it all too overwhelming and so continue to stay stuck where you are?


What would change for you if you fully trusted that everything you desire is MEANT FOR YOU!?

you deserve..

It's time for your juiciest up-level! 

Are You Ready?

The fact that you're even considering this for yourself right now is spine-tinglingly exciting, don't you think!? 

So give yourself some credit for actually taking your vision seriously and making that first step towards the next-level, impactful you that you KNOW you are meant to be! 

And then, let me ask you this:

What truly lights me up now is to help you realise that you can do exactly the same too!

It's actually pretty simple. It's all about...

Yes to your gut, yes to those inner tugs and hell yes to creating a life and impact that blows through the roof of your dreams!

Has lock-down made you re-evaluate your life and realise that NOW is the time to step into who you truly are, your authentic purpose and what you're really meant to be doing? Making an impact in the world?

Are you really, truly done with polite people pleasing and half-baked dreams and ready to give that suppressed powerhouse within you the time of day she finally deserves?

THAT is what I finally did in my own life... I finally took those desires as a compass to my purpose, I stopped hoping, and I made the decision to trust and give them everything so that I could step into who I was always meant to be

saying yes!..






Get ready to blow the roof off what you think is possible for your life!

Are you ready to take wild, inspired action?

- Robin Sharma

Stop being a prisoner of your past.

Become the architect of your future.”

Admit it.

 You know that you are made for more, for something big, that you are here to make an impact, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this right now...

But you're in your story so deep now, you just don't know how to make the change, and perhaps you've assumed you've missed your chance, or that it's so unlikely to work that there's no point in giving it your all...

You're so used to settling for less, for playing small, so that you don't threaten your partner, stand out from your friends, or make your family laugh, at the size of your 'crazy' dreams.

You're so used to watching others succeed, knowing that you have just as much to give...

You should be happy, right? Grateful.

 You have enough, don't you?

Your kids are healthy. You have a home.

You already have all that you need to step into the life you want, right now!

It's all about seeing that the door is right in-front of you waiting to be opened...

the truth is...

And the key has always been right there in your pocket!

A life where you are using your truest skills and gifts to make a positive difference in the world

To create a business where you can actually enjoy your life, your partner & your kids alongside your success

To live a truly abundant life, rich in time, money and connection

To make your mark in the world and to wake every day knowing you are making a true impact!

You Desire...

But You Fear....

It's too late, the time has passed you by

Success is for other people, but not for you

You're not able to bring in a consistent income from your business idea

Too many other people are doing what you want to do

Who are you to make this kind of impact? You're not special/talented/certified/clever enough!

You might fail, and then what?

You might succeed, and then what?

But there are these whispers that pull at you......

I know that you know the true answer to that. 

You're a creative force of nature

You're a natural born leader

You came here to make an impact

And This Is Your Time To SHINE!

...and you just don't know where to start...

Isn't it time that you stopped apologising for who you are and what you want...and made that incredible shizzle in your brain actually happen!?

and i've got you!

There's a place out there for you and you're not in it

There's space you're meant to be filling and you're not filling it.

Perhaps you've started waking up to the voices in your life that are trying to keep you small?

Perhaps they're the loved ones around you that would feel safer if you just stayed the same...

Or maybe they're that primary school teacher, or that abusive first boyfriend inside your head saying, 'Who do you think you are?'

What would happen if you chose to answer that...

Who ARE you? Who are you REALLY?

the only person you need permission from, finally, is yourself!

I get it - I've been there -

—  Laura Druviete, mother & trainee coach

"thank you florence, this session was amazing!"

● We will get honest and CLEAR on what it is that truly lights a fire in you, WHO your people are, and reconnect with your ultimate, authentic vision and your big WHY

We will identify and transform those mindset gremlins and interrogate old stories that have been holding you back from making movement forward

 You will let go of perfectionism, self-doubt and all the other crap that's been holding you back

● We will up-level your energy and vibration
to match your big vision so you are no longer trying to reach up to something you've placed high above you but you are a true magnet to the success, opportunities & clients that you desire!

● Collapse the time-line on your goals and fast-track you to the successful, confident & kick-ass version of yourself with aligned, bespoke and powerful strategy so that you can go forth and frickin conquer in your business!

through working with me...

Meet your coach!

rejuvinated, clear and truly excited by your vision

money Mindset On Point & a solid plan of action

confident, energised & moving that needle each & every week 


not earning anywhere near your potential

held back by imposter syndrome & in constant 'dabble' mode


Go from...

My Powerful Signature 3 month
1:1 Package 

The Voxer Accelorator

Monthly rolling voxer support for those needing some mentorship, rocket fuel and short sharp shifts as they go!


The Options...

Welcome pack including resources and pre-work questionnaire to get you started and getting clear about what you want and what's standing in your way

9 60-90 min 1:1 coaching calls where you will have my undivided focus and attention, and we will dial down and deep to keep you moving forward.

Clear and actionable tasks & exercises to complete between calls to ensure you are integrating what we discuss and are making strong movements forward straight away

Unlimited Voxer and email access
You can pick my brains via voxer whenever ANY questions, thoughts, obstacles or wobbles come up! I will always respond asap, Mon_Fri 10am-5pm.
(It’s literally like having a coach in your pocket!)

• 20 juicy up-levelling modules helping you to become an unstoppable Magnetic Launch Maven and Impact Queen

• Two Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls with me

• Monthly marketing planning calls with marketing strategist, Mallory Majcher

• Regular Bonus Guest Expert trainings

Clear and actionable steps, resources, templates and audios to lead you through each needle moving step to ensure consistent growth and momentum forward

Access to Private Facebook Group where you can get support and questions answered in between sessions and feel the power of a supportive community of other up-levelling women

•Currently 1:1 onboarding call with me

My Powerful 6 month Signature Group Coaching Programme for driven female coacges ready to tap into the energetics, visibility and strategy to launch an iconic group programme and scale to 6 figures and beyond 

  • One of 60 min kick starter call so I'm clear on where you're heading and how I can best support you and we can start off on the same page and with a clear north star in sight!
  • Voxer Support Monday-Friday
  • Flexible - cancel any time with one months notice

"After a single session... I was able to make some key decisions and finally start making headway with my business!"

"Having recently started out as a mindfulness coach, I was struggling to identify my ideal client and get clarity on my aims and message. Enter Florence Andrews! After a single session... I was able to make some key decisions and finally start making headway with my business!
Florence made me feel welcome and safe from the outset. I felt that she was just as determined as I was to get the clarity I was after " - Cath Downes, Mindfulness Coach

"flo is astounding."

"Flo is astounding. I was really floundering before our session. Not only is she warm, positive and very professional, she really knows her stuff. Within 10 minutes I felt she really ‘got me’. I’ve been working on a project for 8 months and had really run out steam. I’m now focused, have actionable steps and am no longer in overwhelm." - Katie Weir, Owner of 'Lewes Fit'

"She’s inspired me to push against my limitations and start to break through my barriers to success and fulfilment "

"Florence is passionate about helping other women achieve their dreams. She’s inspired me to push against my limitations and start to break through my barriers to success and fulfilment and I am immensely grateful to know this vibrant and vital woman.." - Dr Susannah Bolt, Consultant

""I feel like I had a big ball of tangled yarn, and after our session it's all be laid out flat!!" 

"I feel like I had a big ball of tangled yarn, and after our session it's all be laid out flat! I now know what I need to do to get to my next chapter and that's all thanks to you!"
- Reanna Reed, Coach

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