You're living much of your life and making your decisions based on what will keep everyone else happy.

You've been dimming your light for so long that you know people would be shocked if they realised the intensity of FIRE and DETERMINATION that's inside of you!

You're a type-A personality...meaning your standards for yourself are impossibly high, you're super hard on yourself, and this is now holding you back rather than helping you to succeed.

You may seem successful already to those around you, but you know you're capable of so much more and you're SO tired of TRYING so hard and the constant struggle to achieve and prove yourself

Are you ready to get out of your head & step into your full potential?

To finally get honest about the life & business you really, REALLY want?

To step out of the wings and finally make those dreams of making positive change in the world a reality?

If you're anything like I used to be...

You're ready to do whatever it takes to become the person you need to be to get that vision and calling out of your head and into reality, and in a way that finally feels aligned to you and the life you crave, and with flow and ease!

Right at the top, making waves, and creating a life & business of true impact!

Are you ready to change that script?

If you're here then I'm guessing you've finally reached the point where you are done.

You're done
with the people pleasing.
You're done with dimming your light so you don't threaten anyone.
You're done with downplaying your epic dreams, both to others and to yourself.
You're done with the exhausting cycle that is information overload, trying to emulate the success you see in others, downloading every freebie & tripwire and trying to piece it all together. The more you search, the more powerless you feel
You're done with the overwhelm and confusion that comes with constantly seeking the answers from outside of yourself
And you're done with fears and doubts stopping you from moving to where you know you're meant to be...

I was a high achiever and perfectionist, being accepted into the top London Music conservatoires as a teenager, and then going onto work with names including Sir Trevor Nunn, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sir Julian Fellowes, Maureen Lipman, Nicholas LePrevost, Ronan Keating and Catherine Tate, and at prestigious venues both internationally and within the West End.
I performed in shows such as Wicked, Wizard of Oz, Once and originated the female lead in the West End production of School of Rock.

Now I am passionate about helping other new & aspiring Coaches and Impact-led Leaders to do the same...
to stop seeking permission & validation outside of themselves and to trust their own vision and intuition above all. To stop playing small. and step out of the shadows, and to show them that their wildest dream life is not only possible, but simply a decision away!

You know you are here to do something big. You know that you are made for so much more.
And now you are finally ready shed the perfectionism, blast through the self doubt, and to do whatever it takes to step up and to live it! And on YOUR terms!

You're done with giving up your power to the thousands of 'success blueprints' out there, the noise, the indenti-kit social media gurus. It's frankly depressing. You want someone who can help you to reconnect with YOUR own inner guru, your unique strengths and calling, that inner whisper that pulled you in this direction in the first place, that will help you to cultivate your OWN blueprint to success, in a way that works for YOU.

If you've hit your limit on how long you can live a life that isn't the one you're meant to be living
, or playing a game below the level you know you're meant to be playing at, of dabbling with your dreams and potential...If you're committed to finally let those tired stories go and challenge the idea of who you think you are and what is possible for you to create? 

Then girl, you've come to the right place!

Hey there!
 I'm a West-end lead actress and Success Mindset Coach for new & aspiring coaches & service based entrepreneurs who are ready to stop dabbling, blast through their fears, and SHINE!
I'm also a mum of two beautiful children, five crazy chickens, a film geek, book-worm and raving chocaholic!

 I'm passionate about helping women on a true mission to finally break out of their shackles, stop seeking the success they desire outside of themselves and step boldly out of the wings and into their light to create their impactful mission and wildest dreams from a place of true fulfilment, flow & joy!

 I've been through it the long way, and I want to fast-track you to the success you are truly worthy of and that is waiting for you, on the other side of your fear, right now. (Oh hell yes it is!)

I enrolled in a certification programme, and then various mentors and programmes and I excitedly went ALL IN!

Infact, I invested all the remaining money I had, and money I didn't have... I took out loans, wrecking my credit score, and a few months later I was crying in the kitchen to my partner, in shame, not knowing how I would pay our next mortgage payment as I was making no money. The guilt was overpowering. 

So I made a decision. To come back to me, what felt right for me, my inner power, my intuition and my desires. Being so close to my worst fears ignited my WHY, and I was on fire...

I stopped hoping and dreaming, I gave myself permission to shine, and I decided and committed to inevitable success.

I realised I'd been giving all my power away to everyone outside of me, I was overwhelmed and confused with all the on-line noise & conflicting information, much of which soul-less & took me further away from myself each day.

8 weeks later...and I had earnt £5000 from my first 3 Client sign-ups in only 2 days, and that momentum hasn't stopped since then...

Who am I?

My Story

But despite this outward success, I was not as happy as I felt I 'should' have been. My journey towards artistic fulfilment took me through periods of depression, crippling stage fright and anxiety, severe insomnia, and abusive relationships with both myself and partners. 

The standards I set for myself were impossible to reach. I focused on where I hadn't got to and didn't realise that I was neglecting caring for myself and validating my own power and intuition on my road to success. I had the vision, the grit and resilience, the determination and I was well practicsed in doing things that terrified me...but I wasn't allowing myself to be happy, to honour my values and give myself permission to create my OWN version of 'success' in a way that aligned with who I really was.

I began to realise that the WHAT of what I was doing was something I truly loved and that made me feel alive...but the WHY that was pushing me on was coming from a truly destructive place - I had to prove myself, to prove that I was someone who was WORTHY of success. Any time anything went wrong, I would punish would confirm to me the story I was seeking proof of deep down...that I wasn't enough and I wasn't deserving or worthy of what I wanted. 

  There were several wake up calls, but it was when I became a mother, that I finally looked myself in the mirror and decided I had had enough. I wanted to love myself like I hoped my daughter would love herself. I wanted to live a life of freedom, abundance and impact that I now know is everyones birthright!

I was done with the struggle.
I was allowed to be happy and do this my way.
And so started a new journey for me.

As an actress I played all the roles, and yet I still didn't know who I myself was.

I wanted success in a way that felt authentic to who I was, I wanted to shine my truth out into the world without apology. I wanted to enjoy my success because I felt worthy of it, and to stop the struggle and self-sabotage that had accompanied every step of my journey so far.

 I read every book I could get my hands on, I became obsessed with the Law of Attraction and peak performance and what humans are capable of when we lift the lid on what we've decided is possible and permissible for us...
I saw the massive shifts occur from practicing gratitude, cultivating a new energy, choosing new stories and taking back the power by deciding, not hoping.

I began to let go of the masochistic perfectionism, to find my authentic voice and to be brave enough to get those visions and glimpses of what I was capable of out of my head and into taking consistent and inspired ACTION, out in the world. Allowing myself to claim my dreams for real.

I grew up in the South East of England in the 80's... in an eclectic and inspiring home, surrounded by artists and creatives and bohemian values.

 I kept a journal since the age of 10, which was eventually to be a central part of navigating me through many challenges and eventually manifesting my childhood dreams of becoming a West end Lead!
Being the youngest in a loud family where I rarely felt heard above the passionate debating that would occur, I found it difficult to know who I was, trust my own voice and know what my opinions were, and my journal fast became the safe place where I could explore myself.


I went ALL IN.

 ...and it changed everything.

 In March 2020, I had just taken a year out to have my second child. I'd been lucky enough to be able to use savings to spend his first year with him, but they were running low and I needed to get back to work. 
I was 3 days into my first job back when lockdown hit. I was told to go home and that I wouldn't be coming back.

There were so many emotions...panic at how we would pay the bills, grief at the plans I'd had and my readiness to get back to work, confusion... And yet as the weeks went by, a calm came over me, and I began to surrender to something so much bigger than myself.

I started to feel this chasm open up infront of me and a chance to decide what I filled it with; to re-align and re-design how I wanted to be living my life.

I knew it was my time to take my side-passion of personal development and coaching seriously and create fulfilling and aligned abundance for me and my family and make an impact in a new way.

Then came Covid...

Whippets and greyhounds! I love 'em!
 (Not sure the chickens in my garden would agree though!)

Dusting off my microphone for podcasting as well as singing, veerrrrry soon!

Helping driven women get off the struggle-bus and start living out their perfect day, every day!

Creating a beautiful home that helps keep me inspired and calm!

I'm reallyyyy passionate about...


I get to coach women all over the world and help them blast through their fears, step into their power and create the next-level success they are meant for!


My biggest opportunity to date triggers old self-worth wounds and I find myself self-sabotaging again. I make a decision and draw a line in the sand towards a new looking back!


I give birth to my first child...a beautiful girl. I start asking myself if I am really being an example of living my biggest and best life for her. 


Over the next 5 years I start to work with wonderful people on incredible projects, but find it hard to fully enjoy the experiences as I am still crippled with anxiety, imposter syndrome & negative self-talk.


Left my course just before it finished due to feeling so anxious, depressed and tired of the constant self-sabotage.


Was the youngest to be accepted into my music college and moved to London to start my study.


Firmly commit to going after my dreams of being a singer and actress. Aged 14.

My Timeline

where I've been


Hit 6 figures in my acting career


Took a year out to have my little boy


Covid came and lockdown happened. I saw an opportunity for me to take coaching seriously, become that best coach I could and vowed to create something truly special!

My Favorite Things

1. To Watch: 

ozark or succession!

2. To Read:

you are a badass by jen sincero

3. To Drink:

champagne, baby!

4. To Cheer For:

greta thunberg (or anyone raising their head above the parapet to make a difference in the world!)

5. To Visit:

formentera, balearics

tell me more!

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right now i'm loving-
 i heart my life - emily williams

10. Podcast

Christmas! always!

9. Holiday:

by the sea!

8. Place to Be:

retro aerosmith

7. To Listen to:

mmm, curry..

6. To Eat:

Did someone say more favorites!?


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tools of titans

the big leap

how rich people think 

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Seriously, this one absolutely shifted how i saw the world and how success is a choice! If you haven't read it? Check it out now! 

the big leap

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What's your drink of choice?

I love a nice glass of bubbly! It gets me just the right kind of giggly and always feels a tad special!


My drink of choice is...



the balearics

Where would you like to vacay to?

Specifically Formentera, the tiny island a boat ride away from Ibiza! It's my happy place!

the balearics!

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