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attention impact led fempreneurs:

it's time to stop hiding in your biz, waiting 'until' before you launch,
blast through the comparisonitis and visibility fears that keep you playing small and tap into visible and impactful  leadership so you can learn to ride the launch wave like a pro, & create a life and business of freedom, abundance and huge impact!

stop doubting your greatness
& become the visible & magnetic leader you came here to be!

So you can Scale your
Impact & your Income
From the inside out!

It's time to step out of hiding,
and launch you!

because life is too short to keep doubting your greatness

and you are too frickin important for your message to go unheard any longer!

Fear of rejection, fear of judgement, of not 'being enough', and not having the powerful tools to take those bold needle moving steps forwards, despite the nerves!

Most talented female coaches & entrepreneurs never even touch on their full potential and impact in business, or affect the amount of lives they were put here to reach. Even more never become 'known' and make it to 6-figures or beyond!

They wait and wait month after month to launch themselves, their energy, message and programme into the world

And the number one thing holding them back?

Straight up visibility fear.


let's get honest off the bat...


It's time to stop waiting, take a deep breath....and
:Launch You!

 Be in full trust of the abundance and success that is flowing to you by tapping into that 6 and 7 figure energy & mindset right now

Get off the struggle bus, step into your feminine, and run your business around your values, desires, genius and from a place of flow

how would it feel to...

Stop hiding behind your brand and instead initiate yourself into the visible leader you came here to be!
Show up on live video, on stage and start that podcast.and LAUNCH!

Easily magnetise in your soul-mate clients through BEING the change they desire in themselves and shining out your unique, unfiltered energy into the world without shame!

You're finding yourself scrolling through social media and held down and stifled by comparing yourself to the success of your peers

You know all of the things you WANT to say to your audience, but self doubt and fear of rejection stop you from pressing that 'Go Live' button and so you remain the internet's best kept secret!

You've invested in the business strategies to create the success you desire, you have the freebie, the IG account, and you're doing all the 'things' -  but the cookie-cutter one size fits all approach is zapping your creative fire and yet the mindset gremlins are stopping you from implementing them on a consistent basis and so stopping you getting the results you know you're capable of

You feel like you're barely keeping your head above the water, you're losing inspiration and your business is getting you down rather than lifting you up

You've reached a point where you've finally had enough of the self doubt, comparisonitis and constant search for the next 'magic bullet formula' stopping your from launching, and you're ready to come back to the power you know resides in you and embody your next-level self so you can shine out from the inside and let your intuition be your most powerful guide!

& yet perhaps right now...

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Ditch the comparisonitis , Stop doubting your greatness , and scale your impact & your income through aligned & bespoke launch strategies and embodying and shining out your next-level YOU so you can get visible, get magnetic and get paid! 

the ultimate embodiment, visibility & launch programme for the next gen of heart-led female leaders who are ready to make an impact!


I put my 15 years in the west end,

My journey from broke and anxious to 6 figures, confident and thriving

My two years of building a business from making a loss to my first 40k week

And the manifestation practices that landed me a hollywood role in the middle of a pandemic
Into one unique and kick-ass container...

And now it's available to you too!

RECONNECT with your vision and what you TRULY came here to create and why, so your launch is built on a foundation of passion, purpose, and connected to the bigger mission!

DITCH THE CRAP that's been keeping you on the self-sabotage roundabout and holding you back from stepping out of dabbling solopreneur and into magnetic CEO!

LEARN HOW TO RAISE YOUR VIBRATION so that you can get powerfully magnetic and attract in the opportunities and clients who are meant for you with ease, flow and impact

GET THE CONFIDENCE & KNOW-HOW to 'perform under pressure', get infront of the camera (or mic), and embody being the face of your brand

COLLAPSE THE TIME LINE with proven, powerful client attraction & launch strategy 
so you can move your insight into needle-moving, aligned action, easily attract in the people who need what you have to offer and know exactly what you need to be focusing on next to make huge strides towards epic, next-level impact!

Take the journey and learn the tools you need to blast through your fears of success, leadership and visibility so you can connect, inspire & impact like the leader you truly are, and create the change-making movement you're destined for.

your energy is your biggest usp!

without shining out your unique beauty & message into the world, your soul mate clients can't find you!

the first live group container to combine manifestation, performance psychology, soul-led client attraction strategy & launching in one powerful space!


I had started to believe the problem was me. 

I felt like all I saw around me were other women who seemed to have unlocked the secret code that remained elusive to me.

I saw my peers hit their money milestones, and in their every 'live' and reel I only saw my own inadequacies reflected back.

But then I remembered the journey i'd been on in my acting career and how by doing the inner work i'd changed my story around completely - I came back to the truth...

just two years ago i was in my kitchen, crying to my partner about how my new business was bringing in no clients, no money and not knowing how we'd make the next mortgage payment.

Hey there!
My name's Florence

and I called bullshit.


Perhaps I just wasnt' enough. Perhaps i didn't have it in me.

I committed to this work and in a number of months i was originating a leading lady role in the west end, bringing in 6 figures and feeling more confident and happy than i ever had done before.

I had dreams of being an actress and a singer

And through grit and persistance alone I made it happen, to an extent...
I was the understudy to the leading lady, the ensemble member, and paid my rent from acting work for a good decade - pretty frickin awesome right?

The 'not enoughness'.
And that inner-battle between the part of me that knew I was here to do great things and make an impact, and the shadow parts of me that could never believe I was worthy and deserving of stepping into my desires.

Except everytime I got the opportunity to be in the room, i'd forget my lines...

every time a needle-moving opportunity came up, i'd get ill the night before...

and my nerves were so bad that at my worst I had to sing through a full blown panic attack on stage, where it took all I had to stay on my feet.





AND THE PERFORMANCE, SUCCESS AND MINDSET HACKS AND HABITS THAT WOULD ENABLE ME TO drop being the victim and become the woman I needed to be to attain the size of the desires that lived within me.

I worked out what I had done back then to change my situation around so quickly...each and every step...and created a powerful formula from that journey.
And once I was clear - I committed to doing it again.

these are the same connection based strategies that i now teach my clients...

that has taken them from 0k REVENUE to 5 figure months, that has allowed them to magnetise in ridiculous uplevels and opportunities, establish their powerful personal brands, launch their podcast, publish their amazon best-seller, and GET FEARLESSLY VISIBLE as someone who has something to say and bring to the world!

And it's the same formula i teach in this newly updated, powerful & intimate live group container...

I don't know about you...but sometimes the best comes out of me when my back is up against the wall.

you see...
i'd been here before.

In those moments, it's as if my higher self has enough and says
"move aside, i'm taking over!"

Except I knew that I was meant to be doing much more.

that's when i chose to draw a line in the sand, and so started the deep inner journey into success mindset and manifestation that was to change the course of my life

Within just weeks of crying in the kitchen with no clients, I landed a part in a hollywood movie(!), had created my first 5k week in my business,
and then doubled that over the next year, from the simple & powerful mix of inner work & heart-led strategies i discovered over time

for years i had suffered with horrendous stage fright and top-notch self sabotage

One year in was when it was my time to uplevel again. 
My coach asked me if my actions in my business were reflective of how big I wanted to go

And I knew that they weren't!

But surely I wasn't 'known' enough to officially 'launch' a group programme...I wasn't 'rich enough', 'skinny enough', and I needed a massive list & following for it to be a success - right?
And despite all of the above, I wasn't sure I was courageous enough either!

I had it the wrong way around!

Launching is one of the best ways to start moving from hobbyist entrepreneur to CEO Impact's why!

(and it's about so much more than the money!)

  • know you're hiding away in your biz? nothing gets you as visible as launching!
  • it fosters conversations and builds and strengthens relationships and trust within your community
  • it builds your email list!
  • it boosts your engagement!
  • it invites you to step up your mindset and step into leadership mode!
  • it brings in massive cash injections into your business, and when done right, predictable recurring revenue you can 'stack' over time into automatic high cash months!
  • it gets you seen as an authority in your field
  • it builds your confidence!

And then came Launching!

call to action to join course

"what you've given me has literally changed my life. I will be forever grateful."


Before we even touch strategy, I take you through my powerful DIVA Process, so that your next stage of business growth is based upon a foundation of rock-solid belief & success mindset. Once you have this - your decisions and actions forwards will be aligned to what you TRULY want, and nothing can get in your way of implementing like a total Queen!

The DIVA Process consists of:

 Getting clear on & deeply connected to your DESIRE & DESTINATION, writing a road map forwards that lights you the f*ck up!

Ditching the old narrative that's been holding you back for a shiny new script where you're the hero!

Becoming the version of you that you now need to step into to manifest and actualise your next level and launch like a pro! Learn how to shift your energy and big time raise your vibe so you can COME FROM your epic goals, and stop reaching up to them!

Learning the performance tools to be able to kick comparisonitis, procrastination and visibility fear to the curb

A mix of coaching, journaling, visualisation and NLP reprogramming makes for truly deep shifts throughout the modules in this first essential pillar

pillar 1


When we focus on making an epic impact through our work and visibility...the income takes care of itself!
These modules start you moving into my powerful 7C Client Attraction Strategy so you can get KNOWN as the expert in your field and start magnetising in, and fast!...

You will:

Get clear on the client that you are calling out to with your message and service...and go so much deeper than the normal 'IC Avatar' you've likely learnt about. (Personally, I love to coach a room of diverse people but who have a united goal that I can help them with - and I really couldn't care less what they eat for breakfast!!)

Refine your brand so it is an extension of YOU and let your messaging reflect that!

Become empowered to shed the business 'shoulds' , get clear on your unique 'magic sauce', and create a brand that is an extension of you so. you can move from business owner to movement leader!

Visible AF - sharing your message and creating inspired content in a way that feels sustainable, in alignment and that connects!

Create (or refine) your signature programme that you are ready to get KNOWN for!

And more...

pillar 2


Cultivate a sales mindset that has you seeing sales in a whole new way and LOVING inviting interested audience members to your deeper levels of service!

Move content into conversations and massively elevate your sales by implementing permission based DM strategies that help you to create relatioships and sales in the DMs with integrity and without a whiff of spammy-pammy!

Strategies for quick cash injections into your business whilst preparing for your bigger launch so you don't have to wait for the cash to start flowing in!

Map out and carry out your bespoke launch in a way that works for you! Choose which launch strategy aligns with your values, capacity and IC, have access to Email templates, swipe copy, Funnel Page examples, time-lines, trello boards, strategies to have a successful launch even with a small list!

pillar 3


On top of all of this over 20 Powerful Video trainings and fillable workbooks, audios, files and also get:

6 months of mentorship with Q&A and hot seat coaching available through LIVE Group coaching calls with me over Zoom every week! 

A monthly LIVE Group coaching call/training with our incredible Marketing Strategist Mallory Majcher

1:1 Onboarding call with me plus two 1:1 milestone calls with me at specific points in the process

Access to some insane Bonuses, inc:
- A FREE Ticket to my next in-personVIP - Mastermind Day!
- Live Guest Expert Calls on the regular!
- £1000 off before 17th December!

And that's not all!


next pillar overview >

 Is broken down into 3 main pillars 

I'm ready to scale my impact & income!

Module Two:                  Insight - Identify & transform your script!
Module Three:                Money Maven - Wealthy AF!
Module Four:                  Vibration - Becoming the next-level you!
Module Five:                   Aligned Action

Module Six :                    Introduction to my 7C client attraction formula
Module Seven:               Your Community - niche in a new way!
Module Eight:                 Character - your stand out brand!
Module Nine:                  Capacity-based content
Module Ten:                    Create Your Signature Service
Module Eleven:               Video Queen
Bonus Module:               Quantum Leap your impact through GUESTING

Module Twelve:               Sales Siren
Module Thirteen:            Choose your Launch Model
Module Fourteen:           Launch Preparation
Module Fifteen:              Creating your launch funnel
Module Sixteen:             Launch Promotion & pre-selling
Module Seventeen:        Rock Your Launch Event Week
Module Eighteen:           Cart Open Period - Let's Make Sales!
Module Nineteen:           Post Launch Period!
Module Twenty:              Support & Celebrate
Module Twenty-One:      Success leaves clues
Module Twenty-Two:      Sustaining your business momentum
Module Twenty-Three:    Next Steps

Bonus Module: Guest Expert Training REPLAYS






Amy Bett
Business & Money Coach and CEO of Lady without Limits

Dani Wallace aka the Queen Bee
Public Speaking Coach & all round bad-ass

Tom Stanhope
Entrepreneur & Video Marketing Expert

Maggie Colette
Instagram Strategist & Mentor

And more tbc!

Meet our in-house marketing coach who you have a group coaching call with every month!

And it's not just me in the coaching seat...

Mallory Majcher
Marketing Coach & Consultant to 6 & multi-7 figure companies & business owners

Mallory specialises in helping entrepreneurs and business owners simplify their marketing efforts to build the most efficient, reliable, and systematic marketing machine to hit their goals faster and easier!

She is the brains behind multiple 7 figure businesses in the US and is obsessed with helping her clients find the marketing strategies that they feel good about implementing every single day!

And there's more....

In Impact Queen Academy you also get regular exclusive guest expert trainings from the best in the industry...
Here are just a few past and still to come...

Kristina Knapp
Social Media Expert and Owner of Elixir Media Co.

Nicki James
Personal Brand Strategist

and you get access to all past guest expert training replays...

Carly Meyers
Coach, Motivational Speaker & CEO of Girls Building Empires

- Giorgia, entrepreneur & coach

"i'm amazed how much has shifted in just a few sessions!"

I'm ready to launch me!

are you ready to embark on a journey one that builds you up, instead of breaks you down?

Are you ready to raise yourself up to where your vision lives?

Are you ready to step out of hiding and claim your spotlight without shame or fear?

What you see around you now, is the manifestation of who you have been, what you have thought, and the actions you've made in the world...

If you wait for that to change, whilst not changing what caused it - that's one tricky catch 22!

YOU are the magic bullet.

YOU are the most powerful formula.

And YOU, unfiltered, high-vibe, released and shining you, are USP that will attract in your success, your soul-mate clients and make the IMPACT you came here to make!

And yet hiding away in their business, playing small and staying the internet's best kept secret.

The crux of it is - if you want success that's outside of the box, you have to do what most people aren't courageous enough to do.


The result?
Staying stuck - staying still - growing insecurity - overwhelming comparisonitis - and falling into a mindset of lack and scarcity.

How can we inspire and impact with our message from that place??

I've seen it happen time and time again...
ambitious and passionate women investing in strategies to build their impactful empire and make their mark...

here's why you can't afford to ignore the inner & outer game of visibility in your business anymore...

If you are...then I will be bringing EVERYTHING I've got...

The West End journey through anxiety to spotlight.

The pandemic journey from theatres closed to Hollywood.

The business journey from no clients, fear and scarcity to 5 figure months, whilst working around my kids, unpredictable acting career, and passions!

listen...i get where you're at.
I know you're meant for more.
I know you're ready to be seen and heard as the leader you truly are

And I know that YOU know it too.

Isn't it time you said yes to the dream tugging at you? 
And went all in?

Most people skip the inner work

All change has to start within you first, Queen!

the truth is, that if we want to create something we've never created before...we have to become a version of ourselves that we've never allowed ourselves to be before

— Sarah, Singer & Coach

"Another call booked! That's potentially four new clients! Sheesh!"

join your fellow impact queens and get ready for your biggest up-level to date!

"O to the M to the GEEEEEE! I was so high after our session!"

—Jo, Coach, Copywriter, and amazon best-selling author

"Now I believe it, people are all over me! This is all so exciting! Thank you so much!"

—Elena, Actress & Business Owner

join us now!

join Impact Queen Academy!

Join this powerful community of high-vibe women on a mission for more, who are investing in their most powerful tool to fast-track their attraction, influence & success! THEM!

embodying your magnetic ceo starts here

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The Impact Queen Academy Academy is the ultimate container for becoming the magnetic and visible leader you need to be to step into your next-level life and business!

You're message and spark came here to shine and it's too powerful to stay hidden away forever

If the people who need you can't experience your unique energy and vibe then they can't find you and reach their own goals

You literally can't afford it. Your gifts deserved to be exchanged with the abundance and wealth that is your birthright!

That old teacher, parent, partner, authority figure doesn't get to define the way your life goes. You do.

why you can no longer afford staying in the shadows of your business

- Dawnel. Health & Wellness Coach

"Sometimes the best decisions are made when you just go for it! Choosing to work with Flo is one of those times!!!! "

- Jo, Online Coach, Author & Copywriter

"I feel more capable of everything! There's no way back now!"

-  Deirdre Daly
Business Owner,, Director

"I'm not exaggerating when I say that working with Florence as my business coach has been a truly transformational experience for me.""

IQA knows that action, strategy and mindset are NOT seperate, but parts of a holistic whole which is why we don't leave you with insights you don't know how to integrate into tangible business results.
You have powerful, up to date client attraction and launch strategies to take that new found confidence and magnetism and use it as the foundation for exponential business growth, brand awareness & all you need to plan and execute on your next aligned launch!


IQA combines a unique mix of NLP, manifestation work, traditional coaching and performance psychology.
So that you can FINALLY indentify the narrative that's been keeping you in self-sabotage mode and upgrade your belief system for quantum leaps & fast tracked results! I think we all know by now that information alone is not enough - we have to be the change to see the change!


IQA TEACHES YOU HOW TO GET CRYSTAL CLEAR CLARITY on your desires and your business goals so you have a powerful vision for the empire and therefore the what the next right launch looks like for you!


my mission is to give you the tools to break the cycle of self-sabotage, rip up your old script, embody your higher-self and launch already!!

what impact queen academy teaches you

IQA CONNECTS YOU TO A COMMUNITY OF LIKE-MINDED PASSIONATE WOMEN who have your back for support, questions, and growing together. What happens when you are surrounded by like-minded cheerleaders on the same mission is honestly priceless!


— Davina, client 2021

"Sitting here fighting back tears because everything is falling into place so beautifully and it's actually quite overwhelming!"

Just a few of the women who have gone through the process!

hear what some of our queens had to say about IQA...

(Formally known as Show up & Shine!)


Monthly Group Call with Mallory 
Monthly deep dive, screen shares and personalised marketing/funnel/copy support from our Marketing Coach, Mallory!

Exercises, Guided Visualisations, trello boards & proven email templates to quantum-leap your growth
(VALUE: £997)

Weekly Group Coaching Calls 
for support, Q&A & hot seat coaching with me every week
(VALUE: £2500)

Lifetime access to 20 powerful training modules
(VALUE: £1997)

impact queen academy

1:1 Milestone Calls with Florence
to make sure you GET the results you came here for!

Go even deeper with access to the industries leading names in Business, Money Mindset,  high-vibe embodiment/movement & Social Media
(VALUE: £1111)

BONUS 3: £1000 0FF - Available until Saturday 17th December at 11pm UK time when applications close and the price will go back up to £5000
(VALUE: £1000)

BONUS 2: Launch Map Trello Board bespoke to your unique launch plan
Reverse engineer your vision and populate your own launch map trello board so you have a dated step by step project planner to set you up for ultimate success

for support, accountability and community as you learn

EXTRA juicy Bonus!

On top of all of the above - all of my clients inside of Impact Queen Academy also get to experience a powerful in-person VIP Mastermind day in a luxe location in either Brighton or London, Spring 2023.

Your wish is my command!

Did i hear you say you want more?

Until 11pm /17th December 2022, I've also decided to take a whopping £1000 OFF the Investment this has now gone up to for 2023 -  for both payment plans and PIF - making this intimate, high-touch programme even more of a total steal!

As a celebration for the evolution of my beloved Show UP & SHINE into it's next-level big sister, Impact Queen Academy...

oh go more then...


If you find yourself changing your mind - you'd be mad - but hey ho! Then you are able to get 100% refund within 14 days of purchasing

your investment is fully backed by our 100% refund policy

When do the live coaching calls happen?

The coaching calls with me will be every week on Wednesdays at 10am BST and Fridays at 4pm BST, unless stated otherwise. You also get your group marketing call with Mallory every month!
(and you have access to replays if you have to miss one!)

Can you guarantee results with IQA?

If you show up and truly implement the work both in the programme and consistently inside of your business then there is no way that this work will not significantly change you and your business for the better! I am constantly investing in the world's best masterminds and coaches and will be bringing all I have and I know that the work I do is powerful and can change lives - but I cannot pull you out of bed and make you do the work. You are responsible for your results and have to meet me half way! If you're ready to show up and jump in, then yes, absolutely!

how long do I have access to the programme content for?

Forever! You get lifetime access to all modules, resources, replays and materials!

What happens after I hit the buy button for IQA?

Once you hit 'buy' then you will feel a jolt of excitement (and possibly a little bit of sick in your mouth), and an 'OMFG I DID IIIIIIIIIIT!' feeling (best feeling in the world!). Once you've come back down to earth ;D you will see that there is a welcome video on your purchase thank you page from me, and an email in your inbox with your login details to access the call recordings and weekly modules and will recieve the link to join your fellow Impact Queens in the private FB group. Module 1 will release on Monday 3rd October.

how do I know if this is the right investment for me?

You trust where your desire and excitement is pulling you to and follow. There's no other way - clarity comes from engagement, not from thinking and you have to ask yourself what it will cost you to make a decision from scarcity & fear, over faith & desire, and where could you be in 6 months with this amount of support.

how long are the doors open to join?

The doors will be open until midnight on 28th September,  although the £1000 OFF ends midnight Sunday 25th September!
So if you're feeling the pull - this is your chance to leap!

Common Qs and As:

hey girl, i have a question...

As a Visibility and Success Coach I'm committed to helping ambitious women like you unlock your income and impact potential through the Energetics of Success, Aligned Visibility Strategy and a heap of Icon Factor!
I like to walk my talk, which is why over the last 24 months, I've:

  • Gone from close to homeless to growing a 6 figure business, most recently hitting it's first 50k month
  • Directly helped over 60 women-owned businesses
  • Flown to Italy to film a role in a Ridley Scott Movie alongside Al Pacino, Lady Gaga & Adam Driver
  • Invested over £60,000 in my personal and professional development 
  • Hired rockstar team members
  • Been featured in the Independent, The Guardian and more
  • Been the resident Visibility Coach in one of Lisa Johnson's New Live Programmes

I continue to invest time, energy and financial resources into my own growth and leadership to enable me to provide you the best available coaching and mentorship, so you can learn to thrive as a female entrepreneur too.

Visibility and Success coach & industry icon activator to high-achieving FEMALE COACHES, and HOLLYWOOD & WEST END ACTOR

who is florence andrews?

Book your application call


Monthly Group Call with Mallory 
Monthly deep dive, screen shares and personalised marketing/funnel/copy support from our Marketing Coach, Mallory!

Exercises, Guided Visualisations, trello boards & proven email templates to quantum-leap your growth
(VALUE: £997)

Weekly Group Coaching Calls 
for support, Q&A & hot seat coaching with me every week
(VALUE: £2500)

Lifetime access to 20 powerful training modules
(VALUE: £1997)

impact queen academy

1:1 Milestone Calls with Florence
to make sure you GET the results you came here for!

Go even deeper with access to the industries leading names in Business, Money Mindset,  high-vibe embodiment/movement & Social Media
(VALUE: £1111)

BONUS 3: £1000 0FF - Available until Saturday 17th December at 11pm UK time when applications close and the price will go back up to £5000
(VALUE: £1000)

BONUS 2: Launch Map Trello Board bespoke to your unique launch plan
Reverse engineer your vision and populate your own launch map trello board so you have a dated step by step project planner to set you up for ultimate success

for support, accountability and community as you learn

join Impact queen academy

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I'm ready to get visible , magnetic & launched af!