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Watching Your Competition Won't Help You Grow

My Morning Routine for a Successful Workday

How changing this one thing in my money manifestation practice, finally got my coaching business off on a roll!

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I'm Florence — Success Mindset coach for New & Aspiring Coaches and impact-led fempreneurs. I'm here to help you step out of the shadows, make your life & business aligned to the true you, and ROCK like you were born to!

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I’m on day two of a hangover. Yes, you heard me right. I am so spectacularly bad with booze that even a few units of alcohol on a balmy afternoon will render me useless for a good two days.   Hence me hardly ever drinking anymore. But, you know what? I enjoyed it soo much. As […]

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STOP Saying These Phrases if Your Want to Grow Your Business

Watching Your Competition Won't Help You Grow

My Morning Routine for a Successful Workday

10 Business Tools to Transform your Productivity

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I'm Jena — business coach for creative go-getters. I'm here to help you make your business ROCK.

5 things you should do EVERY morning to prime your day for success


Blast through Your Fear of going live
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